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Mentors with over a Decade of Semiconductor Expertise in Analog, ASICs and Memory Design.


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Course Certification, Internship and Placement Assistance.


Affordable and Student Friendly Fee Structure with Easy Instalments.

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We aim to provide both knowledge and job-oriented industry-standard training.

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Access to semiconductor technology and tools.


Mentoring PG/UG students for internship.


Online classes to enable VLSI Training along with your regular Education/Job.

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July 2023 | Source: Extreme Tech

TSMC Hitting 55% Yields on 3nm Node

TSMC has begun to ramp its next-generation 3nm node in earnest

May 2020 | Source: Peter Adams

The Father of FinFETs

It is going to gradually slow down, but we aren’t going to have a replacement for MOS semiconductors for a hundred years

May 2020 | Source: Samsung

Making Chips At 3nm And Beyond

The migration to 3nm will happen, although it might take longer than expected. The same is true for 2nm.